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Welcome to NEXUS Charity Foundation, a dedicated organization committed to supporting the soldiers and residents of southern Israel. Since the start of the conflict, our team has been aiding IDF soldiers by purchasing everything they require to ensure their comfort and safety, we also provide support to residents of the south.
We continue to organize the procurement and delivery of necessary humanitarian aid to Israel cities, hospitals and military units in the following categories
Nexus works and develops its activities in various fields aimed at providing comprehensive assistance to Israel during the war.
Our mission
Provide everything necessary to IDF soldiers and residents of the south
  • Tactical equipment
  • Medicine
  • Food
  • First necessity items
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Tactical medicine
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Support southern citizens
Every Friday lots of people from Netanya prepare thousands of portions of hot homemade food. Then we deliver it to citizens of Ashqelon, especially for elder people and
Admin's notes and announcements
Our incredible CEO, Irena Livshits, records videos for all the volunteers and empathic people where she shares all the news and responses about our work
How you can donate
Help for soldiers and residents of the south
Account details:

Mizrahi Tefahot Bank

Organization name: NEXUS

Teudat zehut number: 80746485

Account opening date: 08.11.2022

Branch number: 422

Account number: 03128

Owner's name: Nexus

IBAN number: IL40 0204 2200 0000 0031328


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Our partners
We are grateful for the cooperation of our partners, including leading corporations and organizations
Contact us
Phone: +972 50-832-5636
E-mail: info@nexus.org.il
Natan Yonatan 12, Netanya, Israel
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